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What are Transactional Emails?

Transactional emails are automated emails triggered and sent when a user creates an action. These unique messages are an expected form of contact by the recipient.

Transacional vs Promotional e-mails

In contrast to promotional e-mails - newsletters, which send mass quantity messages multiple recipients at the same time, transactional emails are personalized and sent individually at the request of the recipient.

Types of Transactional Emails

Transactional emails can be used to confirm user actions, for example: send a welcome email when a new account is registered or send an order confirmation when a purchase is made on your online store. Transactional emails may also be used for marketing purposes when recovering abandoned shopping carts or engaging inactive users.



User invitations



The welcome email is the first and one of the key elements of contact with the recipient. It must reach the user's inbox in a short amount of time, without encountering any problems. This email confirms the registration of a new account by the recipient and serves as an important first contact with the user.