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CoreSender™ and this website are run by Global Email Solutions:

Global Email Solutions Ltd
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London, SW20 8DN
United Kingdom
Company number: 10696894
VAT number: GB283780471

Tel: +44 7428473650
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The Board

  • Uriel Vincent Chuck - (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Damian Czak - (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Leszek Czak - (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Paweł Nowak - (Chief Technology Officer)

Global Email Solutions Sp. z o.o.
ul. Wielka Odrzańska 28/2
70-535 Szczecin
KRS: 0000561120
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Tel: +48 575746466
E-Mail: [email protected]

The Board

  • Damian Czak (President, Chair of the Board)
  • Paweł Nowak (Vice President, Chair of the Board)
  • Leszek Czak (Vice President, Chair of the Board)
  • Uriel Vincent Chuck (Vice President, Chair of the Board)