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How to send emails with Coresender SMTP

Coresender API and SMTP are two methods you can use to integrate your application and start sending emails through Coresender. API offers the most features and the possibility to customize the configuration. Still, SMTP is a popular choice for most people because you can simply link your app by following a few steps.

This article will show you what you need to do to send your first email with Coresender SMTP.

Getting started

Before you can start sending emails with Coresender, you need to add a sending account and a sending domain, which must be configured and verified. If you haven't done this already, visit our Quick Start Guide for the details on how to do it.

Getting your SMTP credentials

To link your app, you'll need to access the Coresender SMTP server information. Go to the Coresender control panel. Click on Sending accounts in the menu and select one of your Sending accounts (you probably have one). Choose the SMTP server tab, select the API key from the list to show your username and password. Now you have all the credentials you need to complete your app's configuration that uses SMTP to send emails.

Configuring your email sending application

You can browse through a list of easy step-by-step SMTP integrations with the most popular applications. If you can't find your app there, you can always contact us at, and we'll be happy to guide you.

For most SMTP-compatible applications, you will need the following:

SMTP Host – it's always

Port – you can choose either 587 or 465.

Encryption – For port 587, choose STARTTLS (sometimes just TLS) and for port 465, choose SSL.

Username – You will find it in the "SMTP server" tab, as shown above.

Password – You will find it in the "SMTP server" tab, as shown above.

From name – It's your name.

From email – In Coresender, you can only send from email addresses within a sending domain that you have configured and verified with us. In our example, we have added and verified the domain "" so we can set the From email to be

Testing your configuration

If your application has the "Send test" function, use it now. If not, you will need to take whatever action is necessary for the application to send out an email. In our example, we've just sent a test, and as you can see, it has successfully arrived in the inbox a few seconds later.

We can also see the test message in our Coresender control panel by visiting the Activity section. For each message sent by Coresender, you can see a full timeline with all the relevant information, including the time of send and the time of delivery.


You have just sent your first email with the Coresender SMTP server. What you can do next:

  • Request your organization to be approved by Coresender so you can upgrade from the free developer plan and start using our service in your production environment. You will find the approval request form in the top right of your control panel.
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