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Introducing Time to Inbox Metrics

You trust us with your most crucial communication effort, which is transactional emails, and we provide you with a stable service. Today we're launching our brand new status page, which gives you real-time data regarding our performance and services responsiveness.

We're also making public our "Time to inbox" metrics for major ISPs. Now you can check how long it takes out test emails to arrive at recipient's inbox. Note that we're not showing the delivery time here, but the end-to-end metric, measured from when a message hits our API/SMTP up until when it actually appears in the inbox.

Showing "Time to inbox" is not very popular among Email Service Provides. It's because most of this time is beyond our control. Our job ends when the email is delivered. It usually takes up to 2 seconds, and all the additional time is added by the receiving party when it does its processing and placing in the inbox. In some extreme cases, it can even take a minute. It's unfortunate, yes, but it is how it is with some ISPs, and we all need to be aware of that.

We could always show you our delivery time, averaging at around 1 second, but it wouldn't show the whole picture. We believe that "Time to inbox" will give you a real value instead.

Check out the new Coresender Status Page

Disclaimer: Time to inbox is measured with test emails sent to test accounts. We log in into the test account, then send a test email and measure the time it takes for it to appear in the inbox. Please note that emails sent to your users can not be measured this way, as it requires access to the recipient's inbox 🙂

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