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Release Notes 2020.1 – New Authentication, Editable API Keys & More

Editable API keys

As you know, our sending accounts use API keys For authentication. Previously you could only add and delete API keys, but you had no control over the key itself. Now you are able to pick your own key, as long as it complies with our security requirements. If you want to have identical keys on all your sending accounts, which we would still advise against, it’s possible now.

New authentication to our sending API and SMTP

With the change in how API keys work, we’re also changing our authentication. From now on our sending API uses a basic authentication mechanism, which requires a sending account ID as a username and an API key as a password. It’s the same for our SMTP service. We’d like to thank all of you for working with us those past several weeks on transitioning smoothly.

POST/v1/send_emailClick to copyClick to copy
curl -X POST \
  -u 'account_id:api_key' \
  -d $'[

Sending limit error

Our sending API will now return an error when the hard sending limit is reached. The limit is always the volume of the next billing plan, so eg. if you’re on our Silver plan, your hard limit is 250,000. Our Enterprise clients have the hard limit defined according to the agreement. If you need your limit to be raised but you don’t want to switch plans, please let us know, so we can apply an adequate limit to your organization.

Sending limit error
	"message_id": "",
	"custom_id": "",
	"status": "rejected",
	"errors": [
			"description": "You've reached your sending limit"

Updating billing information

Your billing information can now be updated straight from the control panel. We issue invoices based on this data, so if anything changes, please make sure to do the relevant updates. Also, we’re now asking for the email and the phone number of a person responsible for handling your billing activity. This will come in handy in case of any issues and will help us provide undisrupted service.

Mobile-friendly API docs

For those of you who love reading API documentation while commuting or as a final treat before going to sleep, we have great news. Our API documentation now looks awesome not only on desktop but also on your mobile phones and tablets. We’re now working our way to your smartwatches and home appliances ;)

Under the hood

Our control panel has been migrated to version 4 of the UI library. This will have an impact on the overall performance of the app, better browser compatibility and a continuous vendor support. If you’re a React developer looking for a great UI components library, we strongly recommend checking out!

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