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Release Notes 2020.3 – Organization Approval Workflow

New organization approval workflow

When you sign up with Coresender, we put you on a free developer plan, that allows you to test of the features and work on your integration. When you're ready to go live, we need to approve your organization account and put you on one of our billing plans. This process, being a dialogue between your organization and Coresender, is now also a part of our control panel. When you feel ready, you can request to be approved and monitor the process along the way.

API docs on your smartphone

Granted, most of you read our API documentation on your big screens and we've already made sure you have the best experience possible. But as we've found out, there's a quite a portion of you checking out the docs on your commute or when walking the dog. So we've put an additional work to support your smaller screen better: adjusted typography and whitespace, improved navigation and tweaked the overall performance. Hope you'll like it.

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