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Release Notes 2020.4 – It's All About the UX

Simplified signup

We're working towards simplifying every process as much as possible. What better screen to start with than Sign up? We certainly don't want our users to get tired of us before we even had a chance to welcome them 🙂

That's why our sign up screen now only has three fields instead of six. We have also included a handy password helper, so we can tell you upfront what our password rules are.

Improving website performance

When it comes to websites, it all comes down to "the faster the better". Especially when part of our website is the documentation that some of you use on a daily basis. And when it comes to website performance and best practices, Google's Lighthouse is the tool to go to.

After a lot of work and experimenting, we've settled on a great score, with a perfect balance between performance and user experience. Obviously we've compared our score with a lot of successful websites and… yeah, we're good.

Collapsible sidebar

We're extending support for tablet-size screens. Sidebar in the control panel can now be collapsed to create more space for the main content. Scrolling through your activity screen or managing your suppressions will now be easier.

Sending API errors tweaks

In our Send email API endpoint we've made a lot of small changes end tweaks to the error reporting layer. Now, whenever messages are rejected you will get more precise error codes and more descriptive explanations. We want you to spend as little time as possible on figuring out what went wrong with your API requests.

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