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Release Notes 2020.5 – Introducing SDKs, Simplifying Security & More

PHP, JavaScript & Python SDKs

We're happy to announce that we've just released Coresender SDKs for three languages: PHP, JavaScript (node.js) and Python. They will greatly speed up your integration time. Grab the libraries here:

PHP – Packagist

JavaScript – npm

Python – PyPi

All SDKs are released under MIT license. The source code is available on our GitHub:

Coresender PHP SDK source code

Coresender Node.js SDK source code

Coresender Python SDK source code

Of course we're going to continue development of those SDKs. In future editions we'll be covering more API endpoints and provide more handy tools to our developer community.

We welcome you to get involved. You can contribute by writing code, working on the documentation, assist other users or even report issues. All development effort is coordinated via our GitHub.

Easier DKIM setup with automated security

When you send an email with Coresender, we always sign it with your domain key, so that the receiving party knows the content comes from a legitimate source. A pair of cryptographic keys is used for signing and verifying the signature. As with all the keys, it's a good practice to rotate them every now and then, in the same manner as you should change your passwords.

Today we're announcing an automated security for our domain keys, which allows us to rotate them as much as we need to, without getting you involved in the process. So the DNS change that is required to upgrade to an automated security is actually the last one you will do in relation to domain keys and Coresender.

We've worked with all our clients on this and are happy to announce that most of you have already switched to an automated solution. Thanks!

Redesigned statistics screen

We've redesigned our statistics screen, to give you a better user experience. Now our key metrics are more visible and a percentage values are promoted to give you a better perspective.

Bulk header added to marketing sending accounts

As a result of adhering to guidelines from postmasters around the world, we're now adding a Precedence: bulk header to all emails sent through marketing sending accounts.

JSON validation, syntax errors

It looks like our API was a little bit too forgiving when it comes to JSON syntax errors. Up until now, we were trying to make the most sense of JSON structures that were sent to the API, even if they contained error. Granted, it made the integration to progress quicker in some cases, but at the same time we risked accepting API calls that were simply accidental.

So for the past few weeks we've monitored all API requests and worked with you on resolving issues that we've detected. Now when we're sure there are none, we can finally switch on a JSON parser that will protect future integrating developers from sending malformed JSON structures. They'll have a chance to fix them and assure a consistent behavior.

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