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Release Notes 2020.6 – Free Developer Plan, DNS Auto-check & More

Introducing Free Developer Plan

We've always let you test Coresender with a 30-day trial and 100 test emails. You, as a developer had 30 days to work on your integration and make an informed decision. But, as it turned out, you don't always have the luxury to finish what you started. You have your own projects, deadlines and issues to resolve. 30 days is sometimes simply not enough.

Today we're introducing our Free Developer Plan, which:

  • is free forever
  • gives you 100 emails a month

so you can work on the integration at your own pace. If you need a few months break, we'll wait. And when you're finally ready to go live, we'll take you through a quick and painless approval process so you can upgrade to your chosen billing plan.

Please remember, if you need any help while integrating or if encounter any issues, you can always contact us and we will help you find best solutions for your needs.

DNS Auto-check

It is important for your domains to be properly configured before you can start sending your mail. When you add the domain in our control panel for the first time, we provide you with configuration instructions and then verify your settings to finally allow the domain to be used for sending.

It's important for your domain to stay properly configured even after being verified, because mailbox providers will check those settings in order to verify the legitimacy of your emails.

We want to protect you from your domain being accidentally misconfigured. That's why today we're introducing DNS Auto-check, an automated solution which checks your domain configuration every day and lets you know if it finds problems. You don't have to worry about it, we got you covered.

Rejecting emails with invalid TLDs

Checking if recipient's domain exists is an expensive tasks when you have many millions messages coming in through the API. That's why ESPs don't check it at the very edge. We'd rather accept the message and bounce it later if there are problems. It makes the API a lot faster.

But there's one domain-related check that can be done and today we're releasing this additional protection. Our API will check if the TLD of recipient's domain actually exists in IANA database. If not, we'll reject the email immediately.

The additional good news is that such invalid emails will no longer count towards your monthly send limit.

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