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Release Notes 2022.1 – Export to CSV, New APIs, Better Onboarding

Activity – Export to CSV

The Activity section of our control panel, now let's you export the list of messages to a CSV file. You can still use all the available filters and when you narrow down the result list to what you need, use the new "Export to CSV" link. All search results will be exported to the CSV file.

Here is the list of columns available in the export file.

  • message_id
  • custom_id
  • recipient_email
  • from_email
  • subject
  • domain_id
  • account_id
  • domain_name
  • account_name
  • created_at
  • updated_at
  • opened_at
  • clicked_at
  • unsubscribed_at
  • delivery_status
  • spamcomplaintat
  • smtp_response

Messages and Stats APIs

We have publicly exposed two of our reporting APIs: the Messages API and the Statistics API. These are the same APIs that power Statistics and Activity sections of our control panel. It means that you can now integrate our reports into your software.

The list of new API endpoints includes:

  • GET /v1/messages/{message_id}
  • GET /v1/messages
  • GET /v1/messages/export
  • GET /v1/messages/{message_id}/events
  • GET /v1/stats

Onboarding improvements

After collecting a lot of valuable feedback from our dear Customers, we have recently optimized onboarding flow for new accounts. We know that setting up can be cumbersome, especially regarding setting up new DNS records for your domains. That's why we now provide an onboarding wizard that takes you by the hand, provides contextual help and redirects you to detailed guides depending on your DNS hosting provider.

We are already collecting hard numbers that tell us this approach has improved the success rate of the onboarding process. We are always grateful for your feedback, sent to

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