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Transactional vs. Marketing Emails

Transactional vs. Marketing Emails

When you create a sending account in your Coresender control panel, we ask you to choose whether you'll use it to send transactional or marketing emails. This article will help you decide.

Why separate?

Transactional and marketing emails differ. The most significant and most important difference from your perspective should be that most of the time, the user is waiting for the transactional email. It's usually initiated by the user's behavior and requires top priority when being delivered.

Email Service Providers and Mailbox Providers try to deliver transactional emails to users' inboxes as fast as possible, in a matter of seconds. If a massive marketing campaign is delivered simultaneously, both parties will do what they can to prioritize transactional emails.

The other difference is that you have a small chance of hurting your reputation with transactional emails while marketing ones are a bit riskier. Everybody makes mistakes, and sooner or later, a marketer will come up with content that gets flagged as spammy. And while this is not that common, separating is the right way of protecting your transactional emails from being affected by what's happening to your marketing emails.

Transactional emails

These emails are one-to-one communication to your users who usually expect them and don't mind receiving them. They are highly personalized and often triggered by something that the user does.

Examples of transactional emails

  • Account registration confirmation
  • Password reset request
  • Two-factor login code
  • Billing renewal notification
  • E-commerce order confirmation
  • Support ticket response

Marketing emails

These emails are mainly promotional messages that the recipient doesn't necessarily expect are not eagerly waiting for them.

Examples of marketing emails

  • Newsletter
  • Onboarding sequence
  • Promotional offer
  • Abandoned cart
  • Product updates
  • Terms or policy updates

Coresender policy

Our policy is that your emails need to be correctly separated into transactional or marketing sending accounts. We periodically review our customers' activity to keep the system healthy. If we find out that some of your emails should belong to a different category, we'll let you know and work with you to put things on the right track.

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