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Coresender is a perfect match for PrestaShop

Any tool that sends email should use a proven, reliable SMTP server. Coresender ensures high deliverability and provides an array of analytic insights. We’ll make sure your emails actually reach their destination - your clients’ inboxes - so you can focus on running your business.

How to set up the SMTP server for PrestaShop

Before you begin

  • Have your first Sending account created
  • Have your first Sending domain added and verified

Not there yet? Complete the Coresener Quick Start Guide first.

Configuring Coresender SMTP and PrestaShop

  1. Log into PrestaShop and click on Advanced ParametersE-mailSettings.
  1. Select the "Set my own SMTP parameters (for advanced users ONLY)" and click on Save.
  1. Get your SMTP details ready.

Your Coresender SMTP details

To grab your SMTP credentials, go to Coresender control panel and click on

Sending accounts(name)SMTP server tab.

Then select an API key to show your SMTP username and password.

SMTP hostname is always

You can connect on ports 587 or 465.

A screenshot of Coresender control panel showing SMTP Server configuration.
  1. Type in the SMTP details and click Save.

    Please note that the Mail domain name has to be the same that you added and verified in Coresender.
  1. You're done 🙂


PrestaShop is now configured to use Coresender's SMTP server.

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