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How to configure the SMTP settings of your SugarCRM

Getting started with Coresender

Before you send your first email with Coresender, you need to add a sending account and verify your domain.

Here’s a quick guide to setting up your Coresender account.

Configuring Coresender SMTP and Sugar CRM

  1. Login to SugarCRM as Administrator. Go to Admin > Email Settings > Outgoing Mail Configuration

SugarCRM screenshot 1

SugarCRM screenshot 2

  1. Click Other under Choose your Email provider and type in Email Settings:

Use the following credentials.

From "Name":use the name you want to show in your message. From "Address":use the email address you want to show in your message. Disable Mass Mail:No From email:use the email address you want to show in your message. SMTP Mail Use SMTP Authentication:Yes Username and Password:type in the Username and Password you found in your Coresender panel. SMTP Port:465 (for SSL encryption) or 587 (for TLS encryption) Enable SMT over SSL or TLS:choose SSL or TLS (depending on the port you entered above)

IMPORTANT: You can only use the domain that has been previously verified.

SugarCRM screenshot 3

  1. Click Send Test Email to verify your settings and Save to save your settings

Congratulations! Your CRM is now configured to use SMTP and send email via Coresender.

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